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Distributors and resellers

Neofollics Hair Technology is open to work with businesses that are interested in our high performance products that counter hair growth and stimulate healthy hair growth. We offer competitive pricing and aim for long term partnerships with businesses who are looking for the best treatments for their clients.

We are interested to cooperate with:

  • Distributors, with passion for high-end hair care products.
  • Physicians, pharmacies and hair restoration clinics, in providing their patients with the best treatments for their hair loss problems.
  • Hair salons, that want to specialize in the diagnosis and advice on hair growth problems and aim to provide their clients with the best treatments of hair problems.
  • Retailers, both online and physical stores with a focus on hair care or hair loss.

Are you interested to discuss business opportunities? Please contact our sales department via the contact form.

Contact information

Neofollics Hair Technology Europe B.V.
Meander 251
6825 MC Arnhem
The Netherlands


Secondary address
Health Valley Netherlands
Novio Tech Campus, gebouw M
Transistorweg 5R
6534 AT Nijmegen
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